Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scrappy Trip 2

There were a few leftover squares in the scrap box; leftover colors, too. But I wanted to use them up, so I sorted by the number of identical squares... 8, 7, 6... Rows were chosen by which set had the correct number of squares. I wasn't sure how good it would look. But here it is.
A small quilt of nine Scrappy Trip blocks is bordered in pink and white.
Scrappy Trip baby quilt with mock eyelet border
Years ago I made a border like this and thought it might work here as well. I measured an old piece of eyelet to recreate a pink ribbon threading through it.
Eyelet Border design
Ideally the inner and outer strips should be the same width but I may scallop the edge. A wider outer edge leaves that option open while I decide. What do you think? Also I may make a bow of the remaining pink for the corners.

Here's the top without a border. Isn't it interesting how a simple border changes a quilt?
Scrappy Trip without a border
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Enjoy the day!

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