Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February AHIQ Linkup and Designing a Quilt Back

The kaleidoscope quilt needs a back and I want to use fabric on hand. Making large blocks like the planes on the back of Propellers and Planes is fun but nothing seemed to work with this top.

Finally I pulled orange/peach fabrics. There were two one-yard pieces and a quarter-yard remnant. That fills up half of the 77-inch back. Then I sewed all the leftovers into long strips. Finally I cut the first set lengthwise about one-third of the way across. These sections go on either side of the strip set. (Hopefully I can get a full photo later. Sorry.)

Width of fabric yardage creates half; then leftover strip are sewn randomly to fill in.
Large WOF fabric cut lengthwise
and filled with leftover strips 
to form a quilt back.

It occurs to me that this is a simple recipe for a back.
  1. Create a large WOF unit from one-three large pieces.
  2. Cut this unit lengthwise and/or width wise.
  3. Fill along the cuts with leftover strips and/or blocks.
  4. The original unit forms the outer sides or outer corners depending on how many times you cut it.
Enjoy the day, Ann

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