Saturday, July 29, 2017

CCII Outer Border


Driving myself crazy with the outer border. The first triangles were cut from scraps but then... I automatically cut WOFs and ended up with too much red. The border looks charming and lively but it simply doesn't go with the center.

Outer border on CCII: Stacked Bricks

What if I turned the border the other way? That doesn't excite me.

Outer border with light triangles to inside

So I added the blues I discussed last time.

Adding a few blue triangles to the outer border

What about more blue and green fabrics? What about replacing the yellow with purple. Colorful but quieter. I also inserted a narrow section of yellow and red to see if an inner border might help as Angie suggested.

CCII with more blue and purple in outer border

Working with freehand cut triangles is quite different. Since the widths vary, it's impossible to fit the border exactly. After I pressed the strips, they needed a few adjustments to straighten the rows. If these rows were being used to make Endless Mountains, straightening wouldn't be necessary.

I'm going to let this sit on the design wall for a while. Is it too restrained? Should the yellow reappear in pennants or as an inner border or not at all? Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts suggested small clusters of color groups and that may be what's needed here.

The corners will be the next issue. Some of my previous ideas probably won't work with this border.


We took a quick trip to Yosemite earlier this month stopping to enjoy this iconic view of El Capitan on the left, Clouds Rest {love that name} and Half Dome in the distance, and Bridalveil Falls in front of Cathedral Rocks on the right. This view has been painted and sketched since the 1850s.

Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View

Due to the record snowfalls last winter, all the falls were still running. All but Bridalveil are seasonal and usually dry up before mid-July.

After touring the valley floor, we took a bus to Glacier Point. Every view is awe-inspiringly scenic.  Overhanging Rock is the site of another famous photo. Two waitresses danced on it in 1900. This image is still sold as postcards today. As you can imagine, the outcrop is fenced off from the public now. Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls pours down across the valley.

Overhanging Rock and Yosemite Falls
from Glacier Point

Turning slightly we looked up Tenaya Creek with Royal Arches on the left and Half Dome on the right. It's the opposite view from Olmstead Point. As a geologist that view excites me even more. I feel like the glacier starting to carve the valley.

Royal Arches and Half Dome from Glacier Point

We visited before the fire started. The smoke now masks views of Half Dome in the valley. And that's the least of the problem.

Enjoy the day, Ann