Saturday, January 13, 2018


Inspired by Gees Bend and Linda's Handkerchief Corners quilt I started one myself.

Here are the first two blocks made from true scraps. Love the color riot that was starting. Unexpectedly someone special called for a baby quilt with mint. So I cut some strips thinking they would blend with the previous ones.

Housetop  quilt blocks

The next day the color scheme was clarified: mint and coral. The further I progressed, the less the original pull worked with it. I could have continued in my own loud style but want everyone to be happy.

Fabric strips for housetop baby quilt

And here's what I finished with.

Housetops quilt top

Quite a change. The red and dark purples are gone. Several fabrics include birds and fish. I think both parents will like it. I like it myself. The lesson to me is that colorful scrappy can also be restrained.

That large bird is a remnant from the toile border on my spiderweb quilt. It adds extra meaning to me and hopefully to the recipient. I do love connecting quilts and generations.

Enjoy the day, Ann