Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Log Cabin Has Left the Building

Thanks for the input on the binding. Red is my favorite but I finally decided to use something different (for me, at least.) The green shows up, sets off the blocks and was fun to use. I particularly like this shade of green; it seems friendly. The sawtooth border really finishes the quilt... and it used up a bunch of extra triangles from Ocean Waves. How wonderful is that!

Log Cabin quilt with half-inch logs and a sawtooth border.

With such narrow logs, the seam allowances are half the width of the logs. Consequently the quilt is fairly thick. I used a light batt (Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon Cotton again) and quilted each log. It should take a lot of (ab)use and frequent washing - and it will need to. It's a Grandmother Quilt, a special quilt for a friend to use when her new grand-baby visits.

Signed & dated in half-inch high zig-zag
Fret not; enjoy the day.


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