Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Road to My Sister's House

So you weren't scared off by the wild braid in my last post? Here's what I made from those ugly fabrics. It's a personal story about my youngest sister.

Simple cross blocks combine with printed braid sashing and pieced border.
The Road to my Sister's House quilt

The class designed with the smallest squares in the morning. After lunch we cut rectangular crosses, sashing and posts to build on our stories and layer texture into our quilts. How amazingly everyone's quilt improved, especially mine! Cutting the braid the length of the fabric kept consistency along each sashing. Limiting the width highlighted its inherent motion. To me it represents the tire tracks of all those long drives. Those incredibly loud oranges became the flower centers surrounded by orange and yellow petals. (Printed circles are very useful that way.)

I added borders the following week. The inner border used all my African fabric. (It spoke to me at first sight it but had never found a home.) Again, I just played around putting fabric near the quilt to see what looked right. The outer border x's and o's represent the letters we send and the love we share. Complete o's were too static; partial o's look better. However, I quilted the phantom parts in.

The back enlarged the pattern on the front to keep it interesting.

Quilt back of enlarged blocks repeats the design from front of quilt

Fret not; enjoy the day.



Carli The Quilter said...

Love how you used your ugly fabric. Very nice.

Ann said...

Thanks. It's amazing to me how judicious cutting brought out all this movement in the fabric.

bumblebee53 said...

Not only are you an inventive artist and piecer, but you are a skilled and fearless quilter! I love how it turned out.