Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Another Ocean Conquered

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It seems I am flitting around from one project to the next. While it's true, there's an explanation. We are steadily cleaning out every drawer, cabinet, cubbyhole, and niche in the house. The floor is covered with files, collections, and half-finished projects. When there is time to sew I just grab the closest one {or the one I keep tripping over} and move it along. This week was the time to finish the Ocean Wave scrap quilt that resurfaced in my last cycle of cleaning. {An embarrassing number of projects in various stages of completion come to light when I clean. They are neatly stored, usually in common areas although not with my current fabric. I don't have a separate closet for tops either so they get hung with the out of season clothes. Perhaps they need a divider to highlight them. In this case, some of the triangles were boxed {in shoeboxes like and with heels I no longer wear} since the previous one was completed seven years ago while others are leftovers from my first Ocean Waves... which doesn't seem to be posted. Here is the 2009 quilt that started this series.

Scrap quilt of small blue and cream triangles form this traditional pattern
Ocean Waves quilt with blue centers 

I don't remember difficulties quilting it but I was younger and stronger. The white triangles are matchsticked. There are feathers in the border, but I don't remember the design in the blue squares. It was a college graduation present to a dear young man. We still keep in touch but I haven't seen the quilt since.

Matchstick quilting in the light triangles allows the blue ones to advance.
Detail of Ocean Waves 1

Since this newest red version was the third and especially since parts have been lying around for a decade, its name is Tethys Waves in honor of the ancient Mesozoic Era ocean. Just amusing myself. 

It was pin basted along with the LeMoyne Stars but didn't get quilted as promptly. Time to move it out before it truly belongs in another era. 

Tethys Waves and LeMoyne Stars pin basted

Comparing it with the blue quilt highlights the effect borders make in this pattern. The variations in color and value create a sense of wave motion that gives the block its name. Even though the "waves" include many of the same fabrics, this version seems much scrappier and casual without a border.

Triangular scraps of blue and white form waves across the surface surrounding red squares on point
Ocean Waves 3 scrap quilt

This time I wanted to see the effect of an all over quilting design. Again, straight line/matchstick quilting was considered {when is it not?} but the curves of Baptist Fan will work better for two reasons: they fit the wave theme and curved quilting stands up to daily use better. Casually ignoring the piecing seems in keeping with a scrap quilt.

While it's not very visible on the front, the red thread makes it stand out better on the white back. 

Two photos show how the curves of Baptist Fan quilting appears on both sides of this quilt
Detail of Baptist Fan quilting

In fact, here's a view of the entire back. A bit boring but this large piece of blue pine trees on white has been languishing in my stash long enough. Large lengths of fabric can drive me crazy. There's either too much to "waste" on a smaller quilt or not quite enough for a large quilt. Time to put it to use and move it along. The off-center strip of two blues adds some interest, blends with the blue shades of the pine trees and saved me from matching the pattern at the seam. 

The quilt back is blue pine trees printed on white with a single stripe of blue fabric to add interest
Back of Ocean Waves 3 quilt

The cadet blue that was used on the LeMoyne Stars makes a good binding color. It matches the pine trees on the back and fades into the values on the front where there's already enough going on. And that fabric is gone. 

The folded quilt highlights the front, back, and blue binding
Detail of front, back, and binding

Using an all-over design made the quilting much faster. It was finished in less than a week and it already in the mail to my dear friend who has been patiently waiting for a red quilt. This is one of my favorite designs even though all those tiny triangles mean it is time-consuming to make. But I've given every one of them away. Perhaps I should make one to keep next time.

Quilt Specifics
Size: 63" x 63"
Design: Ocean Waves
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton
Thread: Superior 50 wt red cotton thread
Quilting: Free motion Baptist Fans
Approximate yardage: 9 yds 

Previous posts:

Monthly FUR (Fabric Use Rate) 

Woo hoo. The three quilts and two shirts completed in September took a total of 27.25 yards. {Yes, baby quilts still count.} YTD = 153 yards.


The last day to register to vote in Texas for the November election is coming up. Monday, October 5. That's when your application must be accepted - not just mailed. Check online to find the deadlines of your state but whatever you do, make sure you and all your friends are registered!


This administration callously moved the deadline for the 2020 Census up by a month. September 30 is the new deadline to give information that will effect your community for the next decade. It has nothing to do with citizenship and everything to do with hospitals, libraries, roads, and Congressional districting. Don't let your community be undercounted. 

Enjoy the day, Ann


Pamela Arbour said...

Congratulations on your finish. It looks fabulous. I don't think I am ready to tackle anything like that!

patty a. said...

The red ocean wave quilt turned out wonderful! I know it has to feel good to get it finally done! That is one less thing you have to store or trip over. With a little work, you took pieces and parts and made something useful and beautiful! I have never made an ocean wave quilt. I saw a vintage one in a antique/junk shop years ago and always thought I would like to make one like it. I took lots of pictures of it for reference. If nothing else I sure have the scraps to make all those HSTs!

Robin said...

What a great finish. I bet it feels good to accomplish this and get it on it's way. I have often thought I'd like to make an Ocean Waves quilt but it has yet to happen.

QuiltGranma said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! So glad you were able to find the parts and pieces and get this together!

audrey said...

Such a good feeling to address every corner of the house and get rid of the excess. So freeing! Your red ocean waves quilt is so, so lovely. I adore the little bit of applique at the edges of the quilt. That small addition of whimsy just makes me smile.:)

Cathy said...

I need to follow your example and get my old Ocean Waves quilted. I always thought I would hand quilt something fancy in the blank spaces but now that I don't see all that well and hands don't function like I want a lot of the time I may just have to get 'er done on the DSM. But that means wrestling that big quilt through a small space. Maybe I will just continue to pile other tops on top of it because I don't even have closets in all the bedrooms in this old house.

I also need to follow your lead and clean out every nook and cranny because a lot of stuff sure accumulates when you live in the same house for over 30 years. But I have a few hoarding tendencies so it is difficult to get rid of all I should. My youngest sister knows I'm a saver and while she was clearing out stuff she sent me some letters I sent her back in the late 80s and early 90s. It was a lot of fun to read through them. She even sent back a book of poetry and some earrings she stole from me back when I was in college. Now where do I store old letters?? ;-)

lmno said...

Me too. So far everything is off the floor. Making progress.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Another beauty! I love the colours on this and your Baptist Fan quilting is a good pick. And, it must feel good to have this one finished, yes? We cleared out {some} clutter when we moved a few years ago, but I notice the garage is starting to get blocked up, and there's fabric mounting up in my sewing room... not too sure how we have accumulated all this stuff again!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful - I've liked this one ever since you started sharing it here. Congrats on the finish (and good luck with the cleaning out process - it is ongoing here, too).

Ann said...

Thanks, Pamela. It's good to have some of these triangles finally put into a finished quilt.

Ann said...

Yes, it does, Patty. I can't believe how long these triangles have been languishing. And there's enough for one or two more quilts. They make up so beautifully but they are a bit boring to put together. Bonnie Hunter has good instructions for this quilt utilizing A and B sets {although I made mine differently.} This one was even easier because I cut the red diamond into four triangles to get the print to rotate.

Ann said...

You bet, Robin. I have enough triangles for a couple more of these but oh, they are a long slog to put together. Still, they make a beautiful pattern.

Ann said...

Thanks! Glad I found them and moved them along.

Ann said...

It is, Audrey. I'm shocked how many items are squirreled away that have been completely forgotten. Out of date medicines and food, too. That red print was a favorite and I was upset there wasn't enough for the edges. I'm sure the applique was inspired by you and am pleased how well it turned out. Whimsical and easy. What a relief after the long haul of sewing all those triangles together. The top looked unfinished with white triangles on the border.

Ann said...

Trying to figure out what to put in the open spaces delayed me for years. I committed to four-inch fans and created a little sketch to remind myself of the size then just went for it. The triangles worked as grid lines to keep the fans from growing. I would like to make one for myself and my daughter wants another larger one. There certainly seem to be enough triangles left to make them. Like you, just need to find the energy.
So many items in our lives evoke emotion and we always want to keep them. I started with our files. I scanned almost everything and shredded. Financial records were easy. No one needs them except as PDFs anyway. At least I feel confident these can be read in future and they sure take up a lot less space. Family letters are now in a digital file for everyone to access although I kept lots of personal cards.
We discarded many paperbacks. Neither of us can read the font easily and they are now available digitally.
And I tossed all my heels. That's were I found these OW triangles. Finding all the projects I'd tucked away has been a humbling experience.

Ann said...

Good for you. I had so many fabrics out that I decided to limit my boxes. That forced me to sort my fabric and donate a bunch.

Ann said...

Thanks, Linda. That red speaks to me and my friend loves the shade, too. We had a major purge a decade ago but stuff rebuilds so quickly. It must be FOMO.

Ann said...

Thanks, Julie. It's great to have it done and gifted. Pulling everything out and consolidating is helping me. For example, I had way too many safety pins once they were all combined. It was easier to make donation bags.
And tossing all my heels felt great. They took up room and I'll never wear them again.

Janie said...

Great finish! It's good to go through accumulation and clear out the corners, good for you!

Ann said...

Thanks, Janie. It's surprising what I can find hidden away and forgotten. I hope your move goes smoothly.

gayle said...

I love both versions of your Ocean Waves! Isn't it amazing how different two quilts can look even though they started with the same pattern?

Ann said...

Thanks, Gayle. I enjoy seeing how borders and fabric choices create variance in the same pattern.

Nann said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly about long, or long-ish, lengths. From "I can't cut it because maybe I can use it for borders!" to "This keeps coming to the top of the pile. Maybe I ought to use it." The border on the first Ocean Waves quilt is great but trying to make it again would only prolong the process. Getting it done has merit........Our ballots came last week. We have completed them and mailed them in.

Ann said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has trouble with longer pieces. And thanks for agreeing about moving it along rather than adding another border.
My ballot is in the mail, too. Hooray!