Tuesday, November 21, 2023

My Quilted Jacket

Figure out who you are, then do it on purpose.
~Dolly Parton


Finished in time for cooler weather. The flannel batting was very difficult to seam and makes the jacket cooler to wear. Or perhaps the open neck makes it cooler. I like the shawl collar and it wasn't that hard to sew. Horizontal lines are matched on the sleeves; I didn't worry about matching each block of the Chain.

I started by planning the front then matched the same location at the seams as I moved to the back and sleeves. It worked pretty well. 

My muslin was pinned higher than the final jacket buttons. So this final version hangs a bit further off the shoulders. Something to remember. Before sewing the parts together, I adjusted the collar seam at the back to get a slightly closer fit. 

The jacket is bound in the same fabric as the background. I didn't want it to show much. 

Quilting Specifics
Design: Shawl collared jacket
Quilt block: Triple Irish Chain 
Batting: cotton flannel
Thread: Superior blue cotton thread
Quilting: Walking foot
Approximate yardage: IDK but guess 9.5 yds 
(not counting the batting/flannel)

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The Things We Make by Bill Hammack explores how engineering builds on scientific and mathematical discoveries even when they aren't well defined. The opening chapter shows how mostly illiterate stonemasons built enormous medieval cathedrals using rules of thumb. Using topics such as photography, ceramics, steam, and faucets to show how engineers and tinkerers use observation to create new technologies. The book ends by emphasizing that the myth of  a "lone" inventor discourages technological advancement and innovations may not solve the problem the inventor expected. 

I hope you find time to read this engaging book but at least listen to half hour summary on YouTube.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the day, Ann


Pamela said...

Your quilted jacket is absolutely fabulous!

Georgia said...

This jacket turned out so well! I have been interested in your progress and your comments about your process. You are a talented sewist.

JustGail said...

You made a lovely jacket. Nice work on matching the pattern! And what a nice bright happy color combination. A great change from the sea of black and gray coats and jackets I normally see. Including mine.

ebwhite said...

Love this jacket. YOu have inspired me to try one. The flannel linig will be perfect for Houston winters. The shawl collar will look great with a scarf tucked in if a bit more warmth is needed. Cheers.

Robin said...

What a fabulous jacket. You have matched the design so well throughout. It just turned out so nice.

Mystic Quilter said...

Beautiful jacket! I like the shawl collar and your perfect matching details with the Irish Chain squares.

Julierose said...

What a lovely finish on your Jackee!! :)))) you did a fabulous job on this!!
Enjoy wearing it....Ha;;y Thanksgiving to you and yours Hugs, Julierose

patty a. said...

The jacket turned out fabulous! You will surely get compliments on it whenever you wear it!

Unknown said...

That book sounds fascinating!! I'll definitely be picking it up!! Anne

Nann said...

Your post is a three-hitter! The wonderful Dolly Parton quote. The FABULOUS jacket!! And another book I'd like to read.