Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Still Working on my Quilted Jacket

Whoever said life was about the journey and not the destination never had to look for a place to park.
~ Henry Grabar


My sister finally visited me. Usually I visit her. What a wonderful week we had: butterfly pavilion, arboretum, choral recital, lots of meals with extended family… and the Quilt Festival. Lovely although smaller than previous years. We also worked on a shirt for her. Now she’s on her way home but we’re planning future visits. 

Before she arrived I worked on my jacket. Each pattern piece has it's own translucent paper template that allows me to align intersections better (not perfect.) Once the tops were sewn, I cut lining and flannel {instead of batting} for each piece from the blue.

Stitch in the ditch was the choice for the previous jacket; it showed off the prints better. Since this jacket is all solids, I grid quilted on the diagonal, going from point to point on the design. I did use a washable marker when the points were further apart. 

The cotton flannel filling was a big mistake. There were no problems quilting the separate pieces but it was very difficult to sew seams. Probably because it was too tightly woven. It's not even noticeably thinner than Mountain Mist batting. It does crinkle less but there are easier ways to achieve that effect.


Americans expect parking to be "convenient, available, and free"... in other words "perfect." We are only now facing the environmental consequences of paving so much land for automobiles. Henry Grabar explores current issues of urban parking and offers possible solutions in an engaging and humorous manner. 

Enjoy the day, Ann


Nann said...

Glad you and your sister had a good time -- with a quilt show. Rather, with THE quilt show. Thanks for the book recommendation! I look forward to seeing your jacket.

patty a. said...

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the seams. What would you have done differently instead of using the flannel?

audrey said...

I really like the stitching on this one. Adds such a lovely texture! And good for you getting to spend time with your sister in your own environment. And a quilt show too! It's been such a long time since I've went to one....

Mystic Quilter said...

Pleased both you and your sister had such a full and happy week.
Interesting to think of using flannel and I would have thought it wouldn't be a problem with seams, but of course it is tightly woven, I had though of using it in a small baby quilt but the seams would obviously be the issue with this too.