Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Jane Sassaman Workshop

I have one share in corporate Earth, and I am nervous about the management.
~E. B. White


For years I've wanted to take a workshop with Jane Sassaman and finally took her one-day class, Wings and Wedges. Basically, Jane machine appliques using interfacing to strengthen her pieces. This class focused on mirror imaging. As she said, this is not a piece to enter for awards but rather a way to learn the technique. 

I had some ideas before class but forgot them and simply cut a few of the suggestions Jane sketched. Then it was just putting them together. First attempt.

Second attempt with leftovers on the bare table. I liked this better and moved it to the background fabric.

And here's where it ended.

While it's not great, I have a much better understanding of Jane's technique. A wonderful class. 

My own rules were to use fabric on hand {except for the interfacing.} You know, I'm still trying to use up stuff. Most of these solids are leftovers from my quilted jacket. Turns out, I had to purchase several spools of thread, too... some of which I'm still waiting for. {Sadly, the two fabric stores closest to home are closing this month. Now it will be a long trip to my "nearest' LQS.}

I signed up for the class months ago and prepared the fabric back then. It took most of a week to get it all interfaced and prepped. That was fortunate. Texas has had wild weather the past few weeks. While we didn't flood or lose power, many of our neighbors did. That's where most of my focus has been. Things were settled enough to attend the workshop but I would never have been ready if I hadn’t started so early.


Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi imagines a small Toyko coffeehouse offering clients a chance to travel back in time... as long as they remain in a certain seat and return before their coffee cools. It appeared to be individual vignettes but Toshikazu weaves them together beautifully. 

Enjoy the day, Ann


Pamela said...

That book looks really interesting!

Nann said...

Lucky you to get a class with Jane Sassaman! I look forward to seeing how you use what you learned (beyond the sample project). Glad you are unscathed by the weather systems that have barreled through Texas.

Mystic Quilter said...

I see an owl looking at me in your final piece!! It's a fascinating piece of work. Lucky you taking a workshop with Jane Sassaman I have long loved her bright and bold fabrics.